Self Discovery Journey - Do it with Purpose!

Be Awaykenned: Expressive Art & Designs represents raw inspiration experienced through awakening on the self-discovery journey. The tools required for me to express myself when spoken words couldn't, is pen & paper. As you can see, that energy became inspiration for our handmade journals! There's healing when we journal our emotions, and other intelligence of the senses. We humbly share our spirit of creativity in the craftmanship of our unique: Notebook Journals, Energy Bracelets and downhome Cream Cheese Pound Cake and Banana Bread with you. When we understand that present awareness is the antidote to overcome, we can achieve anything!

Our Energy Bracelets are designed & crafted using natural materials from the earth. God created all things with purpose. Healing begins when one realizes the intricate connections around us. When we document our emotions, protect our energy, and experience the nostalgia of delicious bake goods from our youth, we tap into our childlike Spirit of infinite adventure and love. Our Expressive Art and Designs supports the journey through mind, body, & soul.

Thank you again for your support in our small business.